Founded in 1992, Cousins Packaging is a manufacturer of multiple lines of stretch wrapping machines from semi-automatics to customized automatic solutions.  The company’s machines have been used for numerous applications in the companies 20+ year lifespan.

We can help you with:

  • A-ARM Stretch Wrappers
  • “The Switch” LP-SWA A-ARM Heavy Duty Turntable
  • “The Switch” HP-SWA A-ARM Heavy Duty Turntable
  • HP 3200 Heavy Duty Turntable
  • 4100-35 FA Titan “Ultra” Overhead Floor Automatic
  • 3300-A A-ARM Heavy Duty Conveyorized
  • 3300-CTA Heavy Duty Conveyorized Turntable
  • 6100-45-CTA Heavy Duty Turntable
  • 6100-65-CTA
  • 6100-A45-CTA A-ARM Heavy Duty Turntable Conveyorized Automatic

and more!